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Council of Elders: Fidel A. Owusu

Updated: Apr 26

Member, Council of Elders at Strahl Composite

We are pleased to introduce Fidel Amakye Owusu.

Fidel is a rising International Relations and Security expert from the Republic of Ghana, with a unique take on Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Geopolitics.

He is an Associate at the Conflict Research Consortium for Africa and has previously hosted an International Affairs program with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). As an Analyst for nearly a decade, and a writer for over a decade he has exhibited in-depth knowledge on a wide range of global issues and made appearances on numerous media platforms as a guest. Through consistent application of his analytical skills to demystify issues bordering on international/regional security and comparative politics, he has written both peer-reviewed and public opinion articles and has spoken as a guest at academic institutions. As a columnist, he has contributed to several on-line platforms on a variety of subjects including terrorism, arms race, drone warfare, etc.

Fidel has also served at the highest levels of state administration as a government appointed Special Assistant to a Former Vice President of Ghana and as a Research and Personal Assistant at the Office of the President of Ghana. He is also a prolific writer on International Relations issues with a specialty on African affairs and security.

He is passionate about Diplomacy and realizing Africa's global potential and how the continent should be viewed as part of the global collective.

He attended the University of Ghana for his BA in Political Science with History, and his Masters in International Affairs.

Welcome to the Council of Elders at Strahl Composite.

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