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How humans and sovereign states interact with each other. 

Diplomacy is an art of creating and maintaining relations and involves both cooperation and competition. Uncertainty rules over it and dictates its communication and delivery, which has to adapt to fit the times and the circumstances. Modern diplomacy includes more actors like corporations who wield more power than sovereign states or challenges of present immigration trends and creeping crisis like climate change, food shortages, drought, disease, social media, armed conflict, and limited natural resources in a growing and shifting global population demographic.

Actors who were previously in the periphery, like Asia and Africa will come to the fore as their population will swell. It will enhance the inevitable link between pluralism and economic freedom and a need to absorb the impact they will have in a world increasingly defined by the overriding reality of simultaneity. The issues of the future will spare no one and treat everyone the same, and so should we if we are to meet and match the challenges ahead.

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