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How humans interact with technology and vice-versa.

Our interaction with technology has implications on how we engage with our world. In a millisecond, one can access information across a distance and use that information to decide. We can travel astronomical distances from the comfort of our homes and operate as if we were physically there. An immersive experience that is bound to further change our interaction. There is also a shroud over that interaction because one may not see who or what is on the receiving end of the information we knowingly and unknowingly submit to these platforms, and how that information is used.

Access to technology inspires innovation and information sharing can produce innovations that wouldn’t exist without the collective participation of humans and technology. Our use of technology also has psychological effects on society that could be detrimental to our perception of reality and decency. With both positive and negative outcomes, a well-rounded perspective of how technology interacts with us and how we interact with it will be needed to capture and optimize innovations of the third and fourth industrial revolution.

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