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Who and why we are:

Strahl Composite is a start-up international affairs organization that arose from the inherent need to inform both the general public and decision-makers in Africa, and globally. The idea was conceived over six years ago but the pandemic inspired its activation due to the increasing era of disinformation. Our name has multiple meanings.  
First meaning: Astrology & Heliophysics

Strahl is used in place of the name of the founder to represent the same in meaning: the electron component of the sun most closely aligned with the magnetic field of the sun (the point source). The sun illuminates and powers our planetary system and we receive its light/energy differently based on our location. A composite of rays will illuminate much more than just one ray. Rays or beams could be parallel, convergent, or divergent. A character representative of the vision to eliminate information asymmetry.

Second meaning: Our Global Experience

The founder has an international experience and started the company knowing that there are others who have a similar experience of challenging what they know and the status quo dominating international affairs and relations within Strahl's four pillars, – like-minded individuals and institutions that have realized that the world will need to work more collectively and strategically than it has historically if we are to tackle the issues affecting us both presently and in the future as a collective – and would like to bring them together to solve some of the world's most pressing issues, both presently and in the future. By bringing them together and organizing our ideas and actions we would be fulfilling the definition, mission, and vision of the organization. A collective intelligence agency to address global issues of the present and the future. Our Team and Council of Elders reflect these aspirations.

Third meaning: Transparent

A composite is something that is made up of various parts. The company has four pillars/components that will be promoted concurrently until a later point in the future (where a strong reputation has been garnered with an increased and meaningful workload) when the four components will be divided into four individual advisory firms whose funds will be siphoned back to the umbrella NGO/non-profit to continue to assist those in the periphery.


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